What is your the price range of your dresses? And are alterations included?

Currently our gowns range from $1200 to around $6000.

No, alterations are not included. We will take your measurements and compare the designers standard sizing at the time ordering. However, you will still need alterations to fine tune. We have a preferred seamstress we will recommend but the final choice is yours. We also recommend budgeting $300 to $800 for alterations.

We are proud to offer Square Installments. Click the link above for more information.

What size are your samples? What if they don’t fit me?

We carry one sample of each dress ranging in sizes from 4 to 22. Bridal sizing runs differently than street sizing and varies with each designer. On average, a bridal 22 is similar to a street size 16/18. If the gown is too big for you, will will use bridal clips to clip the gown tighter. If the gown is too small, we will clip the gown to your undergarments or modestly panel. Unfortunately, the sample gowns will never be a perfect fit. But you have our promise that we will do all that we can to give you the best possible idea of how it will look.